Saturday, 14 April 2012

Working working working

So in the past week, I have finished three separate pieces. Two from start to finish, and one that had been started earlier, which I 'fixed' and finished this week. So much sewing! And I have quite a few more plans in the works.

I'm horrible for starting a project, and then only getting around to finishing it much later. Usually after several other projects have been completed. Before the two newly started and finished pieces of this week, I had started four dresses: two are just cut out, and two are partly through the sewing part. And yet I pushed those aside to work on two brand new projects! Eventually I will finish these four dresses ..... it might just take a while.

The only reason I haven't posted my new creations is because I haven't taken pictures. But my lovely boyfriend is supposed to be bringing his camera on our date today so afterwards we can snap a few. I might even wear on of them!

In other news, I've sent in my application to teach in South Korea!! I'm waiting to hear back from them, and keeping my fingers crossed. I'm so nervous! I really want to go. I love Kumon, which is kind of like teaching but not. I want to actually teach, as in a class room. And I would love to visit and explore Korea! Two totally awesome things in one get up! I'm keeping my fingers AND my toes crossed for this one!

Until tomorrow when I will post an actual sewing adventure!

And just for fun, two pictures of my crazy pets:

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