Saturday, 21 April 2012

The le sac dress ... or possibly the worst name for a dress ever.

If you were to buy things solely based upon their name, would you ever buy something called the "Le Sac Dress"? Probably not. It's a horrible name! Whoever came up with it sucks. Granted it's basically what the dress is, but why on earth would you name it that? Bad decision American Apparel. Bad decision.

Apart from the name however, the dress is actually pretty cute. It's like an infinity dress, but not. It can be made into lots of different styles using the long strap. Unlike the infinity dress, the le sac dress has only one strap, which makes the styles you can create with it different. It is however, just a sac. It's basically a tube with two holes, one for each arm. It's entirely the strap that makes it cute and have any shape to it whatsoever.

This is also the first time I have ever sewn with knit fabric. Ever. I read a bunch of blogs and helpful hints on how to sew with knits, but I have to admit I wasn't that scared. It seemed as if everyone was terrified of knit. I didn't get it. I still don't really. I'm going to chalk up my lack of knee weakening terror to the fact that I'm brand new to sewing and don't understand a lot of it. Every time I sew something there's something new involved that is bound to mess up at least once or twice. Surprisingly, nothing horrible happened. At all. No freak outs, no sewing blunders. It was weird. I am not used to sewing things and having it go smoothly. In my books, knits are pretty awesome. I mean, I didn't screw up! In any way! This is a first! Woohoo!!! :D

My first ever no-mess-up sewing experiment!

I wore it to work with the green sweater, because that building is cold!!! I wasn't sure it went until I took these pictures after work, it's actually pretty cute.

You'll have to excuse the bra straps, I wasn't that worried about them considering I had the sweater on all day.

The back isn't as pretty as the front, because the straps criss-cross weirdly at the top. But it's not horrible.

There are a bunch of ways to wear this dress. These are my favourites.

I didn't realize my hair covered this style. It's a halter neck, which you can tell from the back but is relatively hidden from the front. Sorry. You'll just have to take my word that it's cute.

You can see the ribbon really well in this picture. I sewed lace onto both sides of the ribbon to make it more feminine and cute. I really like the finished look of the ribbon, it's a little different and unusual and me. I could put lace on everything if you let me! :)

This isn't the belt I would actually wear with it. The one I wanted, an oatmeal colour knit stretch belt with a brown leather clasp in the front, was MIA.

I kind of prefer tossing the bow to the back instead of having it split between my front and back. It doesn't get in my way when I'm going about the day and it's a cute detail on the back.

My boyfriend likes this look best, strapless.

Sophie made it into this one too!

I think the main reason I didn't screw anything up was that it is so simple. I folded the fabric in half and sewed up the side leaving 8 inches as an arm hole and cut out 8 inches on the other side too so I could have two arm holes. Between the two arms I folded over the fabric two inches to make a loop that I threaded the ribbon through. The original tube I made ended up too big though so I had to cut a good 5 inches off both sides and sew it up again. Well worth it though. It looks much better now than it did as a humongous sac dress. It really did look just like a sac when it was too big.

I think knit fabric might be my favourite fabric now.  It doesn't fray. At all. So I didn't have to spend ages zig zaging it to make sure it didn't unravel on me. And zig zaging takes so much thread! I recently discovered a new section in my Fabricville. It's like the clearance, only it's just knits. And all the knits in this section are 2.99 a meter!!! I didn't find this fabric there, I paid a good 5$ per meter for this stuff. Now though, every time I enter Fabricville I bee line for the cheap knits! They keep adding new ones in to! So every time I find something new and pretty. I've also discovered a small shelf with tons and tons of lace, all 1$ for 3 meters!!! I just can't resist cheap and pretty.

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