Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blue birdie dress

Whew it's been a hectic past few weeks! It's all done now, mostly. I finished and submitted my application to teach in South Korea, complete with lesson plan and essay. Now I just have to wait for my criminal record check to come through so I can send it off to be apostatized by the Korean embassy. Here's hoping that goes relatively quickly!

Either way, here is my latest sewing experiment! My blue birdie dress. I did this one up in a day. It was a gorgeous sunny day here, which never happens in March, and I wanted to wear something hand made. So I found this easy tutorial that I've since lost. I didn't book mark it for some reason, and now I can't find it again. Needless to say I didn't come up with this on my own, and when I find the tutorial I followed before, I will put up a link. Here's what came of the missing link though:

Say hi to Sophie! *the dog* 

It's so cute! And easy to wear, and easy to make. Cut a big rectangle, sew up the long side leaving room for your arms, and up one short side leaving room for your head, and voila! It's basically a big box, so a belt is needed, but as far as how easy it was to make ... definitely makes up for the box. I think it's pretty classy. Covers a lot but is still pretty.

I hemmed all the edges. I figured out how to do the zig zag stitch as a serger-like finish.

You can see how the edge is zig-zagged, then I folded it over and stitched it in place. This was for the skirt hem, for the sleeves I just left them as is:

Excuse the free threads, I cut those off afterwards. They're not there anymore.

That's the shoulder seam. Simple yeah? I didn't even cut out a shape for the neckline. It's just the straight opening in the fabric. I was worried it might aggravate my skin, because it's so high and my skin is ridiculously sensitive on my chest. Turns red at the slightest scratching. But so far so good. I wore this dress for a full day and I was totally fine. And the best part about the super high neck line? Apart from being cute and chic? No worries about accidentally flashing people!

I could wear this dress to teach in it's so no-show, yet pretty at the same time! It covers everything, from bust to legs. Teaching might require a blazer of some sort, and more sensible shoes, but for now, those aren't required. :)

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