Sunday, 15 April 2012

Silky shell

So, as promised, here is the first of three! This is the one that had been started before but I fixed this weekend. The fabric puckered out at my underarms, so I fixed it. Only it took a week or so to get around to it after I finished it the first time... I can be lazy, I know.

Here it is without the pucker:

Please excuse the messy hair. This was after a long day at Clay Cafe and then out walking. Plus it was late at night and I was about to get ready for bed, so I wasn't going to fix it up only to sleep on it right away.

I wore this top all day and it was awesome. It's pretty soft and silky, and flows nicely. I wore it with the sweater all day though because let's face it, April in Canada is not actually very warm. Well, in Nova Scotia anyways.

It's pretty much a shell. It hangs off the girls and just drapes in place. It's not fitted at all, which is very unlike me. I tend to prefer things that give me some shape. Hence I wore a skinny belt over the sweater for most of the day. But as a basic shell it works pretty well.

I have some similar type fabric in different colours and some other patterns. I'll probably make some more of these, with a couple variations. I'll probably add elastic or shirring at the midsection on some, and others a bit longer into a tunic instead of a basic top. I was even thinking of adding a layer of ruffle at the neckline on one.

It looks a little uneven at the back, I know. It is a little uneven actually, but not as much as it looks here. I tried to do the curved edge thing, and that failed horribly. The fabric didn't want to fold that way when I was hemming. I later found out that actually rolling the fabric instead of folding it helps with that, so I'll have to try that next time.

I even used a double needle for this! To give it a more professional looking finish. It turned out really well. It makes this funky pattern on the back, and it's kind of hard to hem from the front side where you can't see the actually hem, but it's kind of worth it.

Of course, the part of the hem that is most obvious, the front neckline, is the one part I screwed up on with the double needle. I guess the fabric slipped and I ended up with the straps being slightly different sizes. The right one was thicker. Not good, not good at all. I couldn't leave it like that! And I did NOT want to rip out all the stitches on the neckline and redo them. That it only slipped once was a small miracle! That fabric is slippery man! Instead, I folded over the part that was to thick, pinned it in place, and sewed it up, with the double needle again so at least there would be consistency. I ended up with this:

It does this wonky thing where I started, but from afar it's almost impossible to tell. So I'm calling it a day. I totally forgot about it when I was wearing it the other day, and no one gave me weird looks because the strap of my top was messed. So it's all good in my books!

So there you have it, the first of three. I haven't photographed the other two yet, and I'm going to be heading to the gym soon, so I'll probably take them once I'm home and showered. For now, adios!

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