Saturday, 28 January 2012

First finished piece!

This is the first finished piece I am posting here! It's not the first piece I've ever finished, that project I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of yet as it's currently hanging in my closet. I will get around to that ... eventually ... maybe next week when I'm on vacation.

For the first one I'm posting (I'm so excited!), I used Behind the Seams' DIY: Wrap Turned Scarf tutorial. I had this fabric I had originally bought to make Simplicity 1961 that was one of the very first patterns I bought. But then I found this gorgeous floral fabric with pink and green accents that I thought would look much better than the solid deep green fabric I had originally planned to use. So I had this extra fabric with no plans for it lying around, and figured why not use it for Behind the Seams' tutorial! Here's her version:

 And here's mine:
(My long-sleeved shirt is grey btw, even though it looks blue in the pictures.)

And please ignore the wrinkles, I took these pictures after having spent several hours at work sitting down. I didn't feel like ironing them out after my shift ...

And one with my cat Rupert. He deserves some credit after he helped me out while making it ... he chased the bias tape, and the measuring tape, and the fabric any time I moved it. Good thing he's cute.

I made a few alterations to the original pattern. I sewed on some extra wide single fold bias tape in bright yellow along all four edges (I love colour, and the fabric is so dark I thought it could use some brightening). I also used some normal single fold bias tape in the same bright yellow to line the arm holes cause I discovered that this fabric likes to fray. I don't know if bias tape stops fraying but I figured at least I couldn't accidentally pull a thread and have it all unfurl on me.

All in all I am very happy with it. It's longer than I was expecting, the corners end half way down my calves. But on cool days I can wear it wrapped around my shoulders to keep warm. Not as warm as something with sleeves, but every extra bit of warmth helps in winter, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. If I make it again I might also make the space between the armholes a little bigger. Maybe by an inch or so. I guess I have wide shoulders and it's a bit tight, nothing unwearable but a little small when I move certain ways. Thankfully the fabric has some stretch. I've also discovered that you can make your own bias tape, so I might make one out of a patterned fabric and make it a double fold around the edges so you see more of it.

So that's it. My first post that is actually what this blog is meant for! :)

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