Thursday, 19 January 2012

Technology fail.

So my internet died. A very patchy slow death. It was spotty for a day or two. It only worked for a few minutes before cutting out and restarting. Then it just called it quits and hit the dust. Nothing. At all. I didn't think I used the internet that much till I didn't have it. I finally got it fixed last night, or I should say my amazing totally awesome boyfriend who is good with technology fixed it for me. <3  Thank you honey!

Either way, I spent half the day yesterday and have a few hours today to sew. I'm working on One Avian Daemon's picnic dress. I'm changing it a bit, mainly cause I've never sewn sleeves before and she says to err on the side of caution if unfamiliar with doing sleeves as doing them wrong will make the dress unwearable. I'm following a pattern I picked up during the 5.99$ Vogue sale at Fabricville, for the sleeves and bodice. I think it'll turn out nice. Hopefully anyways! I'm keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

I'm planning on getting the amazing totally awesome boyfriend who is good with technology to help me photograph what I've made so far this weekend so I can post the finished product here.

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