Monday, 16 January 2012

The real first post. And becoming a master seamstress.

I am so excited to start this blog! I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my amazing parents, and have been on a sewing frenzy ever since. Granted, I'm very VERY new to this so I'm making a LOT of mistakes and have to spend ages undoing them. So although it's been almost a month now, I've got one finished item and two yet-to-be-finished things to show for it: a pair of satin pillowcases, an almost finished kaftan top, and a previously-finished-but-now-fixing-the-mistakes maxi dress. So a pretty good start to my mission for the next year! My new year's resolution for 2012, to make one item a week! Ambitious? Yes. But that's the best part. It's going to force me to master the basics, and learn new things as I go along and (hopefully) become a master seamstress.

I have been raiding Fabricville, both locations in HRM, pretty much weekly. Let's just say, the lovely and so very helpful staff are probably starting to get sick of my constant questions and non stop raiding of the clearance section. It's hard to pay 16+ dollars on a meter of fabric when there are some equally gorgeous ones for 2$! Although they are having their clearance sale until the end of the month, and a lot of regularly priced items are 50-75% off, or buy 1 meter and get 2 free, so I have been 'splurging' on a few fabrics. I've also gone raiding the pattern bins. Right now, Vogue patterns are 5.99 each so I picked up these 6 babies:

Between the awesome patterns and the even awesomer fabrics, I will have some beautiful new clothes at the end of this year! I also managed to score some iron on tags from today's teambuy: 100 iron on tags for 7$!

I also ordered some 2.99 Butterick patterns from I've never used them before (duh, just started this whole sewing thing), so hopefully they ship well. It was pretty cheap shipping, considering I'm in Canada and usually get ripped off on shipping when all it really has to do is cross the border north.  

Anyways, I always love looking at the fabrics various other bloggers have in their stash or have used, so here are some of mine! As I was taking out my fabric to photograph, I realized there was a much better storage solution than the under the bed basket I was using. Well-organized things make me very happy. Re-organizing is sadly, one of my favourite things to do. So I jumped at the chance to re-organize my fabric stash! So here is a much better shot of my new organization AND the fabric. All in one!

I still have several I have to wash before it can join the others on the shelf, including this adorable fleece I just picked up today that has giant pandas on it. Cute!

Tomorrow I'll post a few pics of the satin pillowcases I've finished, and once I finish the kaftan top and fixing the maxi-dress I'll make another post.

Until then!


  1. Wow. You are organized. :)

  2. I was there the day you got all of those patterns and the panda fleece =3 I love you started a blog about it <3 I need to organise my stuff so I can have the room to start sewing bigger things than cat toys and simple bags/ pouches. 頑張ってね〜!