Thursday, 2 February 2012

Summer Sun Kaftan Top

So I wrote out an entire post over the weekend, right after my last post, and Blogger decided it wasn't going to save it. Well, it saved the first paragraph or so, which is better than nothing. But still! I tried rewriting it then but the same thing happened. So I gave up and figured I'd try again later. I did try again, on Monday, and the same thing happened. I didn't touch it on Tuesday and now that it's Thursday I'm really hoping this works cause it's getting beyond frustrating.

My wifi hasn't been working that well and I've been using an ethernet cable to get any semblance of internet. But last night the new modem came and it works fine now! Maybe that was why Blogger wasn't letting me post? If so, I hope it works now! *As soon as I took out the physical picture of the original top, I could post ... So it had something to do with that, somehow.*

Alright, onto the sewing project! This one is a little more ambitious than the last one. It's The Sew Convert's The Sunny Resort Blousetutorial that was a guest post on Grosgrain. I loved this kaftan top. I'm not ahuge fan of the full Kaftan dress, it's too boxy and shapeless for my liking.But a kaftan top with a belt is perfect. And the little details on it are gorgeous. Here's her version. (I'm putting it in a link as Blogger won't let me post the picture ...)

And here's mine:

I kept the yellow colour cause I love yellow. One of my all time favourite colors (there are a few). There are differences though. I used extra wide double fold bias tape around the sleeves to make the white more pronounced, and I made a sash to go with itinstead of a belt. I liked the more feminine look of a sash, especially in the sheer yellow chiffon the top is made out of. The biggest difference between mine and hers is that I lined mine, because the fabric I wanted to use was so very see through and I didn't want to have to bother with an undershirt. 

I used a light satin the colour of fresh butter for the lining. I like how it pops out every now and then through the sleeves as you move around during the day. And I have a thing for flowers so the lace I found is beyond perfect. I can't say enough good things about this top, I love it so much!

Quite possibly the thing I am most proud of though are the button holes I put in for the sash. I have never sewn in button holes before. I was terrified I'd find a way to ruin the top. I was this close to deciding to not put them in and just wear it as it was, with no sash or belt. I am so very glad I decided NOT to do that. I read through my sewing machine manual (for the first time) and found out that I had everything I needed to make the button holes. So I took some extra fabric and did some test runs.

I had to adjust the tension, as the two sides were uneven. But after that was worked out they turned out perfectly! I used the darker thread at first so I could see what I was doing better than I would have with the matching thread, but I upgraded to the yellow pretty quickly.

All in all, I am beyond pleased with how this top turned out. :D  Now if Blogger will just let me post it ....

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