Friday, 9 March 2012

Fleece blankets (with foot holes)

So I have been working really hard on two projects; a chiffon maxi skirt, and a simple summer dress (the simple part is misleading). But I screwed up. The maxi skirt had way to much volume, and the summer dress bubbled where it shouldn't bubble. So I have spent the past several days ripping out so many stitches ... and I just finished! So tomorrow that is what I will be doing, working on sewing those up again, only properly this time.

In the mean time, I made two really simple fleece blankets. When I realized it's been ages since I posted anything here, I thought I might make a post on them because they are comfortable and keep my feet nice and warm!

I made two. The panda one is mine, and the brown one is for my boyfriend's parents. He came with me to the fabric store and picked it out for them, to make sure they'd actually like it. They're both double sided fleece, so the pattern is on both sides.

They were probably the most easiest thing ever that I have ever made. Ever. I cut off the edges that were not patterned. I looked it up and fleece doesn't fray, so no hemming = a very happy me!

The last step to making these, is folding the bottom edge over. I folded them about 20 inches, but it doesn't have to be exact. It just has to fit your feet! Once I had that straightened out, I sewed up the sides, and once in the middle to make two pouches. One for each foot!

Perfect size for feet! I love it because now my feet don't fall out of the blanket when I move. Perfect. And I got the fleece on sale, so each blanket cost less than 10$ (each one uses 2 meters). Doubly perfect.

And just because it's cute, my cat decided he likes them too.

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